Whois what is it?

Whois service allows you to find out who the owner of a domain name (or “IP” address), this is a kind of global directory of webmasters.Il allows among others to identify the host a site. You can easily get the name, first name, address, phone number, the host of a site etc …. Imagine that you find an exceptionally fast and reliable website and want to know which hosts this fabulous site, simply do a search on one of the many whois service to obtain this information. Some also use it to address complaints directly to the head of a web site or to check its credibility.

Whois is where?

There are a multitude of whois service on the net, but some do not consider all extensions. For example, some whois services only offer extensions “.com”, “.net”, “.info”, “.us” and “.biz” and do not have their extensions registers as “.fr” or “.ch”. Best whois service which we found to date is www.whois-search.com, this service comprises the majority of domain extensions. We leave it to find other similar services.

First try with a domain name and also try your “IP” you can quickly copy from www.whatismyip.com and paste in the search box, you will find that “whois” will only give you information your ISP. Note that “whatsmyip.com” displays your “IP” and your location.

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